Computers and the Internet

Public Computers

There are 6 computer workstations available for public use. Access is obtained by asking circulation staff for a login PIN which will grant adults 60 minutes of time and youths 30 minutes. Additional time may be allowed if the computers are not in demand.

Workstations have Microsoft Office available for your word processing and other needs.

Your files cannot be saved on these computers, but feel free to bring your USB drive!

You do not require a library membership to access these computers.

Visit Scanning, Printing, Copying and Faxing for more. 

Internet and WiFi

We offer free internet access on our public computer workstations and Wifi for your mobile devices. To log in to the WiFi, enter your library card barcode and PIN. 

Tech Loans

Our patrons will soon be able to borrow Daisy Readers from our library. Daisy is a complete audio substitute for print material and is specifically designed for use by people with "print disabilities", including blindness, impaired vision and dyslexia.