Welcome to the desk of Booky

Apr 21, 2021 Booky

Hello everyone!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am, of course, Booky.  You’ve probably seen me around town but didn’t recognize me with my mask on and yes, I am Beaverlodge Public Library’s mascot but that’s only a small part of my life.

For several years I’ve worked tirelessly in the background, planning events, coming up with children’s programming, dressing up for different occasions, organizing the Christmas Artisan Fair, entertaining patrons, and generally keeping my staff motivated. 

However, it has come to my attention over the past year that I can give so much more but with all the restrictions in place it’s hard to reach out to all who need me.  My staff suggested a blog of some sort (I don’t do TikTok) where I could give some advice, entertain with a funny story or two, a lifestyle focus of a healthy beaver you might say.

I do apologize that this issue will be a little lengthy but it’s important that you get a feel for me.  I don’t want to brag but obviously I’m the brains of the family.  I can only assume that you’ve met my cousins?  The big oaf who photobombs every tourist photo that is taken outside the Cultural Centre (Shout out to Cathrine at the Cultural Centre, the treasure trove of Beaverlodge).  You know, I think he can smell a camera at 100 paces!  He is so tiresome at family gatherings and don’t even get me started on our glory- hound cousin.  You’ve undoubtedly seen him at parades, summer, Halloween and Christmas events?  All he wants is attention, and he’d show up at the opening of an envelope!  Don’t get me wrong, he’s a lovely guy but he never helps out with clean-up or prep.  He says it drains his energy for his audience. I love them both dearly but they are such needy beavers!

Of course you want to know all about me, because who wouldn’t? Obviously I’m a Pisces (absolutely love the water).  Currently single, just too busy running the Library to focus on anything else right now.  Hobbies? I do enjoy rock climbing when I can, adore skiing, and this summer I hope to do some sky diving.  Obviously, like all good beavers, I enjoy nibbling on a good piece of wood and playing with stones for quite some time (stones are so important for my little dam).

Over the coming months, I’ll flesh out more about my life, hobbies, interests, and of course I’ll be answering some fan mail, perhaps answer some problems that people may have, and generally just make your day a little brighter.  You can contact me at deskofbooky@gmail.com for all your questions. So, look out for my new post each month if you dare!